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Our mission is to evangelize yoga to the world. We believe yoga is universal and everyone brings experience and insights that make them beautifully unique. Our goal is not to preach a particular system of yoga, or simply repeat someone else’s sequence. Instead, we strive to provide a unique, authentic and informed yoga experience that suitably meets each practitioner, providing mental, physical and spiritual integration. Our intent is to develop and mentor the most creative and exciting yoga innovators, a committed cadre of yoga professionals, as well as nurturing and cultivating sustainable yoga-related businesses that thrive in their heart’s intention to serve their communities, wherever that may be in the world. To see Ali Valdez's teaching schedule at Sattva Yoga Redmond, go here. To view her events and workshops, go here.

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Edward Clark, returning to Seattle for the US debut of The Fallen, a performance duet with Nikki Durrant.

The Intersection of Yoga and Art: An Interview with Edward Clark

by Ali Valdez For years, Edward Clark has had his creative hand in the expansion of the yoga universe, effortlessly melding eclectic movement in yoga with the dramaturgical narrative of theatre.  Between waxing poetically on the cerebral  aspects of the 5,000 year old discipline of yoga and infusing it with a wholly modern, sensual twist, Edward also masterfully…

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white horse

Wild Horses

By Ali Valdez   Nothing could drag me away. Yoga is an extremely important part of my life. I don’t mean this just for fitness but for my overall well-being which includes managing stress, preventing anxiety about things in life that I cannot control and time to breathe. One simple inhale and exhale is the…

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My Astanga Experience

    By Dikla Kakfa It’s funny; most people see Astanga as a very rigid style of yoga. Well, everyone but Astangis. My first Astanga experience was different. Back in the day, I was a journalist at a big Israeli newspaper working around the clock, already with one kid in my pocket. I practiced Iyengar…

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The Calling of the Vine

        By Ali Valdez. Alive in their stillness, the Peruvian mountains, or apus, rise up like ridges on a reptile’s back, speckled in green and reaching heavenward. I am sitting beneath a waterfall in a retreat center in the Sacred Valley, at peace in nature’s beauty and Pachamama’s loving embrace. The Incan Earth…

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