Yoga Teacher Training and Workshops

Our vision is to evangelize the virtues of yoga to the world.

We believe yoga is universal and everyone brings experience and insights that make them beautifully unique. Our goal is not to preach a particular system of yoga, or simply repeat someone else’s sequence. Instead, we strive to provide a unique, authentic and informed yoga experience that suitably meets each practitioner, providing mental, physical and spiritual integration. Our intent is to develop and mentor the most creative and exciting yoga innovators, a committed cadre of yoga professionals, as well as nurturing and cultivating sustainable yoga-related businesses that thrive in their heart’s intention to serve their communities, wherever that may be in the world.

The Gadabout

02.12.15 - Simple Ways to Survive the Hot Room

by Ali Valdez You see her walking in, fumbling with her bag at the door. She has cell phone in hand, frantically waiting to sign in not yet realizing she Continue reading

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